The AASPIRE Patient Care Network is a comprehensive monitoring program designed with you and your patients in mind.

The AASPIRE Patient Care Network is:
• Mobile friendly from any device, enabling you to perform various requests, eliminating slowdown in the process
• Capable of performing online requests for dispositions/interruptions, or reporting of adverse events and quality complaints
• Comprehensive with Patient drug profile overviews
• Conveniently designed to put the most important information right at your fingertips on your homepage dashboard, and more!

Registering is easy (new sign-ups)

1. Visit
2. Click on the “Register” button
3. Fill in the required fields (email, username, password) and submit
4. Remember your username and password for future use
5. An AASPIRE AA-Clozapine Patient Care Network specialist will take your application and review prior to activation
6. You will then receive an email notification once you are fully registered to access all tools and resources.

Activating is easy (existing users)

1. Visit
2. Please ensure that if you received any communication from our AASPIRE team, that you kindly follow the steps outlined.
3. Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact the AASPIRE team at at 1-877-276-2569 Or by email at:

How do I preview and learn how to use the AASPIRE Patient Care Network ?

  1. We highly recommend attending, or accessing any of our educational resources designed for you. There are various ways to get in touch with our AASPIRE team. They look forward to providing you with full details on dates, times and availability.
    1. email , or
    2. call 1.877.276.2569, or
    3. speak to your AA-Clozapine Specialty Consultant 
  2. An Interactive Demo has been designed for anyone wishing to learn at their own pace. Simply press the “Demo” button located in the login page – see below for a guide:
  3. For a copy of the AASPIRE portal user manual, 1-2-3 Quick start guide, or Webinar invite card please contact your AA-Clozapine Specialty Consultant
  4. The AASPIRE Patient Care Network is populated with various resources to help you get comfortable, immediately! Simply locate the “Resources” tab, and scroll to access:
      • A detailed easy to follow User manual ,
      • A 1-2-3 Quick Start Guide
      • AA-Clozapine education material
      • Forms and more!

*Please note that once the system goes live in spring of 2018, the old portal will permanently cease to be available. All access to patient information can only be achieved through the new portal:



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