Our Mission

To be the leaders in the sustainability and expanded use of legacy pharmaceuticals for the therapeutic and financial well-being of Canadians.

Our Promise

AA Pharma is committed to consistently meeting Canadian regulatory, quality, and compliance requirements. Our strict adherence ensures we achieve the highest level of quality and consistency in our products and services so that we can continue to deliver the very best for Canadian patients.

Why Legacy Pharmaceuticals?

Legacy pharmaceuticals are products with well-established efficacy and safety profiles and years of real-world experience.

AA Pharma specializes in these smaller volume, established pharmaceuticals that require more time and attention: We believe that the efficacy of older medications is often overlooked or forgotten because of the marketing efforts of newer, trendier drugs (often “me-too” products) that can cost significantly more.

In many cases, head-to-head studies support the use of an established product vs. newer, more expensive one because the therapeutic results are the same. Additionally, these older drugs have well-established safety profiles with years of real-world experience to support them.

AA Pharma offers over 50 drugs in a range of therapeutic areas. Our drugs can be found at every wholesaler and almost every pharmacy in Canada.

Primidone Tablets 125mg lot MT4040 and Primidone Tablets 250mg lot MM3274.
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For Healthcare Professionals prescribing AA‑Mefloquine, please note that the Product Monograph has been updated to include the patient “checklist for the Prescription of Mefloquine Chemoprophylaxis”.

Click the hyperlinks below to Download the Checklist and/or the Product Monograph for your review.

Product Monograph
Checklist for Mefloquine Chemoprophylaxis

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