AA Pharma Currently Offers:

  • A broad range of products across different therapeutic areas.
  • An enhanced presence in CNS with brands such as ELAVIL® (amitriptyline), AVENTYL® (nortriptyline), and LITHMAX® (lithium carbonate).
Elavil®, Aventyl®, and Lithmax® are registered trademarks owned by the respective owners and used with permission.

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Commitment to Access and Patient Care

AA-clozapine is now available to Canadian patients. It is currently the only Canadian-made treatment indicated for the symptoms of treatment-resistant schizophrenia.

AA Pharma is committed to providing continuing access to this well-established product and to a comprehensive patient care network.

For Healthcare Professionals prescribing AA‑Mefloquine, please note that the Product Monograph has been updated to include the patient “checklist for the Prescription of Mefloquine Chemoprophylaxis”.

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Product Monograph
Checklist for Mefloquine Chemoprophylaxis

December 1, 2020

RE: Mogadon 5MG, 10MG & Winpred 1MG

Dear valued AA Pharma Customer:
We are informing all customers that AA Pharma’s Mogadon 5mg, 10mg and Winpred 1mg remain available.

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